"An unbelievable program,
offering unbelievable
results. GLASA,
thank you
for providing
for us all!"
-Alex Marshall

Tennis Racquet
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Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association is always looking for donations (both monetary and in-kind) so that we can give our athletes the best programs possible.  If you are interested in making a monetary donation, please use the PayPal system above, or mail your donation to:

Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Assn
400 East Illinois Road
Lake Forest, IL 60045
phone: 847.283.0908
fax: 847.283.0973



Sports Equipment:
  • All Court Sports Chair - $3000
  • Wheelchair Tires & Tubes - $2000
  • Swim Team Suits and Caps - $1500
  • Fitness: Ski Erg - $1000
  • Fitness: Theraband Set - $1000
  • Elbow/Knee Pads - $300

  • Travel (for regional and national competitions):
  • Gas station gift cards
  • Airline Frequent Flyer Miles
  • Hotel Points

  • Technology:
  • Laptops or desktop computers (6 Needed)
  • Industrial / Professional copier, scanner, printer

  • Other:
  • Cases of bottled water

    For information on how to volunteer for GLASA programs, click here