Great Lakes Regional Games

Great Lakes Regionals is one of the country's main regional qualifying events for the National Junior Disability Championships (to be held July 18-24, 2015 in Union County, New Jersey). Athletes from throughout the Midwest and from across the country will compete in one of the largest adaptive sports events in the United States.

This event is open to anyone under the age of 23 who meets Paralympic classification critera. (All boccia athletes should register under the Great Lakes Regional Games regardless of their age.)

Adult national open

Injured Vets at Adult NationalsPower Lifting by VeteranDiscus

The Adult National Open is open to adults aged 23 and up. Competition will be provided for the elite adult competitor to the more novice adult athlete. Injured military and veterans make up an important part of the Adult National Open. This event provides an opportunity for those who have given so much to excel in the world of sport on a national level.

We hope that those of you have aged out of NJDC or have competed in the past and are now attending the "Welcome Back Alumni Celebration" will come out and compete at the Adult National Open!


Alumni athletes new and old, coaches, and family members will once again gather to celebrate our history, relive old rivalries, and renew longtime friendships. See the "Events" tab for further info.

Age Divisions

The following age groups are recognized by IPC Athletics:
a) Junior Males and Females: Any athlete of 18 or 19 years
b) Youth Boys and Girls: Any athlete of 16 or 17 years
c) Under 16 Boys and Girls: Any athlete of 14 or 15 years
An athlete must be 14 to compete in an open event
Please note: competitive age for IPC Athletics is determined by the athlete's age by December 31st in the competition year

WASUSA Age Divisions are as follows:
* Futures - Through age 6
* U11 - 7, 8, 9, 10
* U14 - 11, 12, 13
* U16 - 14, 15
* U18 - 16, 17
* U20 - 18, 19
* U23 - 20, 21, 22
Please note: Competitive age for Wheelchair and Ambulatory Sports, USA is determined by the athlete's age in the competition year (athlete age in 2015).

Age Divsions: Events will be heated based on classification and age division.


International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and Wheelchair & Ambulatory Sports, USA (WASUSA) will sanction the track and field events and the IPC and USATF rules will govern the track and field competition. A copy of the rules is located here. Wheelchair and Ambulatory Sports, USA will sanction the archery, air rifles, powerlifting and swimming events and the WASUSA rules will govern the competitions. Blaze Sports rules will govern boccia. A copy of the rules is located at

WASUSAWAS Track and Field

Athletes must have a 2014 IPC License in order for their results to count for the IPC World Rankings, IPC World Records and US Paralympic records.

Track & Field USA:
NPC Contacts:
International teams must contact their National Paralympic Committee (NPC) representative for licensure information in their country.


Drug testing will be conducted by and will follow all US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) policies and procedures. More information about banned substances and doping control can be found by visiting All athletes who compete in the track and field events are subject to drug testing. If athletes are notified for drug testing they must bring an ID with them and are allowed and strongly encouraged to have one representative to accompany them through the drug testing process.


All awards will be separated based on classification, age, and gender. Awards will be given to all top three finishers in each event.

Organized AND HOSTED by:

GLASA provides integrative Paralympic, recreational, and competitive sports opportunities for youth, teens, and adults who have a primary physical or visual impairment.