Volunteers are needed to help out in various ways at the Great Lakes Regional Games and Adult National Championships. Volunteers must be aged 14 or older.

If you have questions about volunteering, please send an email to GLASA's Volunteer Coordinator, Cindy Clement, at [email protected].


REGISTRATION / MEET PACKET PICKUP : Assist with athlete check in and registration.

ARCHERY (Friday AM and PM): Assist with Archery Competition. Volunteers will work in groups of 3 to keep score and retrieve arrows. Training will take place prior to the competition. 

AIR RIFLE CLINIC & COMPETITION (Friday PM): *Adults Only*: Assist with logistics as needed/directed. 

POWERLIFTING COMPETITION (Friday Evening): Adults or older teens please! Volunteers will assist during the competition by helping with weights and athletes as needed. Previous weight training experience preferred. 

COMMUNITY BREAKFAST (Saturday AM): Assist with set up, greeting attendees, and clean up. 

BOCCIA COMPETITION (Saturday AM & PM) : Boccia is an indoor version of the outdoor game of Bocce for athletes with a disability. Volunteers will be placed in groups of 3 to assist on courts with scoring and resetting courts. Training will take place at the beginning of each shift. 

FIELD EVENTS (Saturday AM & PM): Volunteers will be placed in groups of 2 - 3 to assist with safety, scoring and retrieval of equipment for the athletes. Training will be provided. 

SWIM MEET (Saturday PM): Volunteers will assist as back up timers and on deck as needed. Training will be provided. 

SOCIAL / BBQ (Saturday PM and Evening): Assist with the Social/BBQ as needed. Athletes and their families will gather to play games, listen to live music and enjoy a BBQ. 

TRACK MEET (Sunday AM & PM): Assist with back up timing and staging of athletes. Training will be provided. 

AWARDS (Saturday and Sunday): Prepare awards for Field Events on Saturday and Track Events on Sunday.