Classification assesses athletes based on their functional abilities and allows athletes to compete against athletes with similar abilities. All athletes that do not have an IPC license and have never been nationally classified, have a National Provisional (NP), National Review (NR) or NR 2022 status must go through national classification at the Great Lakes Games.  

National Classification Panels will be offered in Track, Field and Swim.

Sign up for Classification via Registration. You will be notified of your assigned time slot via email.

**To be eligible for classification, you must be registered to compete in at least one event in each sport you are seeking classification.**

Friday June 10, 2022
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Lake Forest High School – 1285 N McKinley Rd, Lake Forest, IL 60045

Please arrive to your appointment at least 15 minutes early. Come with a parent/guardian or coach.


A copy of your medical forms Track and Field Medical Form & Swim Medical Form

Passport or photo ID

Please be sure to come dressed/equipped and ready to run, push, throw or swim.

Questions? Please contact Shannon Hellen, GLASA Office Manager, at [email protected] or (c) 224-477-8312.

National Classification Policies and Procedures

Athletes with Physical Impairments

All athletes that do not have a World Para Athletics license and have never been nationally classified or have a National Review (NR) status must go through national classification at the Great Lakes Games.  National classification will be offered for track, field and swim. To review national classification status in the national classification database for track and field click HERE.  To review national classification information for swimming, click HERE. All athletes that go through national classification must complete a national medical diagnostics form   The national forms DO NOT need to be filled out by a doctor.  Please submit your completed form to [email protected] by May 20, 2022 Please make sure to sign up for classification when you register for the Games.

Medical Diagnostics form can be found HERE.

Athletes with Visual Impairments

To obtain a National VI Classification, athletes must have the visual impairment medical diagnosis form completed by their ophthalmologist and return to the USOPC Classification Manager along with supporting documentation related to the diagnosed eye condition as outlined on the medical diagnosis form at least four weeks prior to a competition they intend to compete at.  

VI medical form can be found HERE.

Athletes with Intellectual Impairments

Athletes with an intellectual impairment competing in swimming or track and field at the Great Lakes Games  must contact Athletes Without Limits to apply for eligibility to obtain their national classification.

National Provisional Status

The National Provisional Status will allow an athlete the opportunity to compete in a class other than an open division and will take the responsibility off of the event directors and coaches to come up with a classification for the athlete for that specific competition. The national provisional classification status is meant to be temporary. The process includes an athlete submitting their national medical diagnostics form to and video clips of various required movements. This information will be evaluated by selected classifiers to give a classification status (when possible). The athlete will be listed on the national classification master list for that sport as NP. The athlete will not be able to set any national records with an NP status.

World Para Athletics Eligibility and World Para Athletics (formerly IPC) Licenses 

For those athletes who wish to have their performances recognized by World Para Athletics: You must hold a current World Para Athletics (formerly IPC) license. Instructions on how to obtain or renew a World Para license can be found by visiting the U.S. Paralympics website HERE. All License numbers are included in the IPC Athletics Classification Master List.

As a World Para Athletics approved event, athletes ages 14 and older who hold a World Para Athletics License will compete in the World Para Open Division.


U.S. Paralympic Track and Field Standards (if you have or are applying for a World Para Athletics (formerly IPC) license): Then download the Athletes Sport & Program Plan.

For the Move United Junior National Standards:


U.S. athletes with questions about classification can reach out to [email protected]

International athletes must contact their National Paralympic Committee (NPC) to find the appropriate contact for submitting the Medical Diagnostic forms.