GLASA provides so much more than sport and recreation programming. It’s more than basketball, track and swimming. It’s about physical, social and emotional health. It’s about goal setting and exceeding expectations.


Physical Health

Athletes who participate in GLASA programs report better physical health, better weight management, better endurance and better strength. Ability gained in the gym can make it easier to get out of bed, be active in the community and be independent in daily living.


  • 98% of GLASA athletes report that involvement with GLASA has helped them to increase their overall health and wellbeing
  • 93% of GLASA athletes report engaging in the recommended amounts of physical activity that are suggested by the Centers for Disease Control and other health agencies (60 minutes per day for youth and 120 minutes per week for adults).
  • 91% of GLASA athletes report increasing their overall strength and endurance thanks to participation in sport programs.
  • 71% of GLASA athletes report that they are exercising more than they did one year ago


Social and Emotional Health

GLASA is more than just an agency; it is a family. Athletes come together to share stories, share experience and share what it means to be an individual living with a disability.


  • 51% of program participants said that skills learned in GLASA programs caused them to see improvements in school/work performance 
  • 89% of program participants report improved self-esteem and overall well-being
  • 88% of program participants report increased self confidence
  • 73% of program participants report increased independence
  • 75% of respondents reported being less socially isolated



Beyond the Numbers

“Thank you for helping Trey become the very positive, confident and caring team player that he is.  He is shooting for the stars, but will always remember where his roots lie and will know his GLASA family is always there supporting him.  Without you all he wouldn’t be where he is today and his future wouldn’t be looking so bright.”- Mother of Trey, a GLASA athlete who went on to race with the University of Illinois Wheelchair Racing Team


“GLASA has been the driving force behind getting our son, Sam Grewe, back into athletics.  Prior to Sam’s 7th grade year he was a powerful athlete, participating in many sports year round.  Then Osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer, led to a very long chemotherapy treatment and the loss of his right leg.  Healing meant a lot of different things, but getting back into athletics was physically, emotionally, and mentally healing.  We feel blessed to have found GLASA and to be able to participate in their welcoming environment.  Since starting in GLASA as a freshman, Sam, currently a junior, has  gone on to win the World Championship in Doha, Qatar for above knee amputees!  It all started with getting involved with GLASA and learning about the wide world of adaptive sports!” –Randy and Michelle Grewe, Middlebury, IN