Social Fundraising

Want to support athletes with physical and visual disabilities? Afraid that your contributions are too small to make a difference? Small donations add up and allow GLASA to provide life changing programming to those with physical disabilities. Most of GLASA’s donations are under $100!

Need a Good Reason to Get Involved?


Instead of another sweater for your birthday, why not ask your friends and family members to donate to a great cause. Celebrate and know that you are making a difference.

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Host a Party or an Event

It can be hard to find time to spend with friends. Host a wine tasting, invite friends to a dinner party, be your own bartender, or organize a day of lawn games. You can charge an entry fee and donate the proceeds to a good cause.

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In Honor of a Loved One

There is no better way to celebrate the legacy of a loved one than to allow their name to continue to have an impact. Donate to a cause that you care about.

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Workplace Giving

Many companies want to give back. Approach your workplace and ask them to allow staff members to wear jeans on Friday in exchange for a donation. Challenge your coworkers to a fundraising game and see which department can raise the most money for a worthy cause. Ask your employer to match your individual gift.

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Sporting Events

You have decided to challenge yourself. You may run a 5k, complete a triathlon, or simply walk around the block everyday for a month. Use this opportunity to inspire your friends and fundraise to allow others to experience the life changing power of sport. Some races even offer charity entries! Check out GLASA’s Marathon Team and GLASA’s Twilight 5k Fundraising Team.

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Partner with a Business

Do you like to spend time at the local pub? Do you know everyone at the local nail salon? Partner with a local business and ask them to donate a percentage of their sales to a good cause. GLASA athletes benefit and a local business can publicize how they are giving back to the community.

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Excited to join us? Next Steps to Begin Making a Difference

Set Up Your Fundraising Page

Share YOUR story and the GLASA story. Use these handy talking points. 

If you are not sure which words to use, check out GLASA’s Guide to Disability Language that empowers people with disabilities.

Share your story on social media. Here’s a cover photo that tells your friends about your new challenge. Just add it to your page! Share some infographics about The Cost of Disability and The Benefits of Sport. These items clearly explain WHY you are doing this important fundraising campaign. Use these pictures to tell your story.

Need more guidance? Reach out to Cherie Hrusovsky at [email protected] or Shannon Hellen at [email protected] or call 847-283-0908