Our resource page is a work in progress.  As we build our library of relevant resources, they will be listed here.  Please check back often.

Resources for the Chicagoland area:

Transportation for people with a disability in the Chicagoland area:

Online Support Groups:

Reeve Foundation Virtual Support Group

Resources for the Visually Impaired:

Online Guide to Navigating Online College with Visual Impairments

Visual Disabilities Guide for Students

Helping Students with Visual Disabilities – Resources, Tools and Technology to Foster School Success

Financial & Support Resources for Individuals with Vision Impairments

A Guide to Driving with Vision Loss

Want to Go to College?

Guide to Paying for College for People With Disabilities

The Complete Guide to College for Disabled Students

College & Career Resources for Students with a Disability

The fully accessible guide to paying for college for students with disabilities

The Ultimate College Guide for Veterans & Active Service Members

Scholarship Links:

Workout at Home:

Fitness Apps

  • HASfit: Home Workout Routines: video exercises with options for both seated and standing
  • Evolve 21: App made by the cerebral palsy foundation- can customize your workouts based on your abilities

Written Exercises:

Apps for Meditation:

  • Insight Timer
    • Free meditations organized into different categories
    • Jonathan Lehmann Morning Meditation with Music is a great start to the day and Glenn Harrold Relax and Sleep Well is a great way to end to the day!
  • Headspace: Meditation & Sleep
    • Guided meditations on everything including managing stress to physical health
    • Quick mental resets to longer guided meditations
  • Smiling Mind
    • App for all ages! Programs categorized by age with specific category sections.
  • The Breathing App
    • Use breathing to help calm the body and mind while decreasing your heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Oak
    • Great for beginners and helps to schedule meditations
  • Omvana
    • Meditations ranging from 3-60 minutes.
  • #Mindful
    • Daily message related to mindfulness
  • Mindfulness Coach
    • Created by the US Department of Veterans Affairs to help you gradually learn how to practice mindfulness

The Best Apps for Stress Relief

Grant Resources:

List of Adaptive Sports Equipment Grants & Funds in the USA

Survivor Adaptive Sports Fund is a program of Move United that offers adaptive sports grants to people with permanent physical disabilities who have been victims of gun violence or acts of terrorism.

Elite Team Training Grant

Ability Equipped Elite Team Equipment Grant


Equipment Resources:

Spike Tutorials: How to steer and maneuver
Spike Brochure

Virtual Assistance for Substance Abuse:
During COVID, the U.S. has experienced a surge in alcohol/drug relapses as substance abuse becomes more prominent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Widespread shutdowns and social distancing measures have made it difficult for those seeking guidance and treatment for substance abuse issues to secure resources.

Because of this, Laguna Treatment Hospital is offering free resources to those in need:

  • Free Virtual Support Meetings allow individuals to join free 12-step AA/NA meetings that are hosted weekly by a person in recovery.
  • Drug and Alcohol Hotline provides free, confidential emotional support, information on substance abuse and local resources, and assistance finding an addiction treatment program
  • Drug Effects Calculator gives an estimated time of how long it might take for someone using a particular drug to sober up.