Our resource page is a work in progress.  As we build our library of relevant resources, they will be listed here.  Please check back often.

Resources for the Chicagoland area:

Transportation for people with a disability in the Chicagoland area:

Resources for the Visually Impaired:

Visual Disabilities Guide for Students

Helping Students with Visual Disabilities – Resources, Tools and Technology to Foster School Success

Want to Go to College?

Guide to Paying for College for People With Disabilities

College & Career Resources for Students with a Disability

Scholarship Links:

Workout at Home:

Fitness Apps

  • HASfit: Home Workout Routines: video exercises with options for both seated and standing
  • Evolve 21: App made by the cerebral palsy foundation- can customize your workouts based on your abilities

Written Exercises:

Apps for Meditation:

  • Insight Timer
    • Free meditations organized into different categories
    • Jonathan Lehmann Morning Meditation with Music is a great start to the day and Glenn Harrold Relax and Sleep Well is a great way to end to the day!
  • Headspace: Meditation & Sleep
    • Guided meditations on everything including managing stress to physical health
    • Quick mental resets to longer guided meditations
  • Smiling Mind
    • App for all ages! Programs categorized by age with specific category sections.
  • The Breathing App
    • Use breathing to help calm the body and mind while decreasing your heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Oak
    • Great for beginners and helps to schedule meditations
  • Omvana
    • Meditations ranging from 3-60 minutes.
  • #Mindful
    • Daily message related to mindfulness
  • Mindfulness Coach
    • Created by the US Department of Veterans Affairs to help you gradually learn how to practice mindfulness

The Best Apps for Stress Relief

Grant Resources:

List of Adaptive Sports Equipment Grants & Funds in the USA

Equipment Resources:

Spike Tutorials: How to steer and maneuver
Spike Brochure