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Financial Information

Information Smart Donors Should Know about GLASA

GLASA completely depends on the generosity of many donors and grantors to deliver its many programs.  In return, the organization is very careful about how it spends the money it receives, making sure it is spent effectively to serve people with disabilities.




GLASA Is Growing Steadily

GLASA’s programs have been expanding each year, and the agency now stands just short of being a $1 million nonprofit.  This makes it one of the largest and strongest independent Paralympic Sports Clubs of its type in the United States.






GLASA’s Overhead % Is Extremely Low

As shown in the graph above, only 8.3% of GLASA’s costs goes for “support services” (admin costs and other overhead).  For comparison, Charity Navigator recommends that a charity’s overhead costs be no more than 30%.   This means that 92 cents of every dollar you donate to GLASA goes directly to its programs and the people the agency serves. GLASA is a very good steward of its donors’ dollars.



GLASA Uses In-Kind Donations to Keep Costs Low
Nearly a third of GLASA’s program costs come in the form of in-kind donations of time (e.g., from professional athletic and sports coaches) and athletic and sports facilities (e.g., gyms, sports clubs, schools), as well as other donated professional services.  This keeps the agency’s cash costs low compared to the large impact GLASA makes.






GLASA’s Cash Primarily Comes from Grants and Fundraising Events
Most of GLASA’s cash income is derived from corporate grants and private or family foundations, corporate sponsors, and from funds raised by a variety of important fundraising efforts during the year such as our Annual Gala, our 5K Twilight Run, our Chicago Marathon Runners, and other fundraising events.  Less than 10% of GLASA’s income is from program fees, in keeping with the agency’s goal to remove all barriers, including financial ones, to taking part in GLASA’s programs.





GLASA Accreditations


GLASA meets all 20 accreditation standards for charity accountability by the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance.

GLASA is also listed as a Guidestar Silver Participant charity.



Downloadable GLASA Financial Forms

2016-17 Annual Report